Thursday, 1 October 2009

Armley: OUT with the old in with the NEW

Below is the first introduction to my project (subject to revision at later date).

The site I've chosen is in Armley located South West of Leeds city centre. Armley has a rich history of industry, particularly within the wool trade, much of which is still apparent today with Armley Mills and the many examples of Edwardian and Victorian Architecture around the area.

Unfortunatly, this history has been swallowed up by the ever expanding Leeds urban sprawl, resulting in a loss of identity and central focus. Much of Armley now is merely a suburb and at best a commuter town for Leeds and to some extent Bradford.

The initial aim of this project with the guidance of the West Leeds Gateway Action Plan published by the council is to try and restore some sort of Communal, Economic and Social centre to Armley, hopefully identifing all the key issues along the way to develop a building response to this problem.

Alot of early posts will be to do with Context, Narrative, History and Brief but by Christmas design work should be well on the way!

Thanks for reading. Ben

Wednesday, 30 September 2009